Could Cost Stevedores in Long Run

And, while ships are diverting to the Big Creek Port only on a temporary basis at this time, drawn out conflict at the P.B.L. could result in businesses moving their operations there full time. A.S.R./B.S.I. permanently migrated to the Big Creek Port back in 2021 to export its raw sugar. Fairweather says what is currently playing out at the Port of Belize is like d�j� vu.

Delroy Fairweather, Vice President, Belize Custom Brokers Association

"It is a d�j� vu moment again, because you brought up the sugar. I know we have a lot of discussions amongst ourselves with colleagues, people from the business community, the shipping agents, even some of the people from the port when we go there to release cargo, and I can tell you there is a genuine concern because people would really want to see this situation resolved. If there is no resolution in it, imagine if cargo starts diverting down to the Port in Big Creek. Definitely significant income will be lost from the Port. The stevedores definitely will be losing likewise, because now you will see a shift in where the operations will occur. What this does is actually gives the south more business. You are looking now at persons in Belize trying to set up shop in the south. The transporters who are down south, this is an income flow for them. I was telling Nikita likewise, for them at C.P.B.L.; it will be a blessing in disguise. But, he rightly corrected me and says you know what, we are not just thinking about ourselves here. We are thinking about everyone in the country."

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