Prime Minister John Briceno has returned to Belize from Honduras where he attended the inauguration of its first female president, Xiomara Castro - who was sworn in yesterday.

US Vice President Kamala Harris was in attendance - and PM Briceno made sure to get in some photo opportunities with the VP. Harris was there to make sure the new President is on-side with US security objectives - mainly to stem the flow of Honduran migrants heading north to the US.

Taiwan's Vice President William Lai, also attended the inauguration in a bid to bolster ties with Honduras under Castro, because, during her election campaign, she threatened to switch allegiance to Beijing from Taipei if elected president. But she is now signaling that Honduras will remain with Taiwan.

Vice President Lai's first meeting in Honduras was with Prime Minister Briceo. They may at Lai's hotel, and had what is described as "an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations as well as on issues of mutual concern." They also discussed Briceno's planned visit to Taiwan in March.

Notably, the presidents of neighbouring El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua were not scheduled to attend Thursday's inauguration ceremony.

Channel 7

Hon. John Briceno: Leadership is about stepping to the plate... being in the right place at the right time to represent country and build beneficial relations. Here I am alongside Vice President Kamala Harris at the inauguration of Honduras' first female President.