Councillor Adaly Ayuso, with the Portfolio of Events and the San Pedro Town Council presents Market Day Valentine's Edition on Sat, Feb 12 @ 4pm to 11pm at the Saca Chispas Field. Vendors can apply at the SPTC or call Heidi Caliz: 602-6222.

As part of event, Deputy Mayor Ernesto with the portfolio of Tourism Promotion is organising the first SPTC Cocktail Competition. Grand Prize: $1,000. We are inviting local bartenders to enter into a competition to showcase their talents. The competition will involve 2 round of judging with 2 signature cocktails. The last cocktail must have a valentine theme. The competition will take place at 8pm. There will be 3 judges. For more information and to apply email: [email protected] or call 602-6222. Deadline application: Feb 9th at 5pm.

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