Belize Bird Rescue:

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of Zack & Kiki to the Rescue, the sequel to Zack & Kiki's First Great Adventure: The Great Escape. Both books were written by BBR Director Nikki Buxton and all proceeds of sales benefit Belize Bird Rescue. The amazing illustrations are by Karin Harvey, we are so grateful to Karin for her contributions to these books. Both books are available in English and Spanish, these make great gifts for the kids in your life. (or as donations to your local library!)

How to order:
Free shipping to the US and Belize directly through BBR (recommended!)

Zack & Kiki's First Adventure: The Great Escape

Zack & Kiki's Second Big Adventure: To the rescue

Zack y Kiki el gran escape (Spanish Edition)

Zack y Kiki al rescate (Spanish Edition)

Do you have a storefront to offer our books for sale? Please contact us for more information! Thank you for your support and for sharing our posts.

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