It's been a couple of weeks since Jasmine Hartin's last court date on December 9th, and while she attended court in San Pedro that day she was granted the expected remainder of the disclosure in the case of manslaughter by negligence against her.

Instead, that remaining disclosure and the accompanying court date were to have come this week on Wednesday, February 16th.

That court date, however, is likely to be postponed, Hartin has come down with Covid-19 and as such is unable to attend court. Her attorney Dickie Bradley could attend court to receive the case's disclosure but as he told Cherisse Halsall this evening he'd prefer that it be handed to the accused person. Here's more:

Richard Bradley, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin
"The date is the 16th of this month and as you know she is facing 3 charges; the manslaughter, the sensational one that the media is interested in. All the matters is set for the 16th. In the case, that is called the indictable allegation which is the manslaughter. That would not have started in any event, because disclosure is not complete. In the case of the drug trafficking and the common assault which we were looking forward to dealing with in order to get that out of the way, so she could kind of focus her mind on the more serious offence. Jasmine has been under tremendous stress in the family court which has been going on over the last several days and which came to an abrupt halt, because she was unable to continue on Friday having come down with the symptoms of covid. So she has informed me and I had informed the court that she is not able to confirmed to the conditions of her bail which is to sign in every day. She is one of 2 or 3 persons in the whole country, in the history of the country who has been ordered to sign in every day. It's an incredible thing."

Dickie Discuses The Jasmine Case

As we told you earlier, while Bradley feels that Hartin's treatment by the Belizeans courts has at times been quote: "unusual" he doesn't believe that the proceedings leading to her trial are being dragged out. Here are his full remarks:

We'll keep you updated on whether or not Bradley will attend court on Hartin's behalf this Wednesday.

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