A few months ago, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, said that the Belize Police Department does deal with police officers who break the law. Over the past week alone, three members of the department have come under scrutiny and have been placed on interdiction. One of the officers is accused of having unlawful sexual relations with a minor. Commissioner Williams explained in greater details today.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

"The policeman in Punta Gorda Town was charged for unlawful carnal knowledge of a thirteen year old. The thirteen year-old reported that she has had sexual intercourse with the officer and based on that, we did our investigation and it led to the arrest of the police officer. In San Pedro, we had another officer who was charged harm or wounding. This is following an incident where him and a civilian had attacked and beaten a woman in San Pedro Town. So I had given directives that he be charged criminally for that matter. Both officers appeared in court and are currently on bail. We have since interdicted both officers from duty and P.S.B. is also pursuing the internal aspect of those investigations and we hope that they'll be heard very quickly and we'll be able to deal with them internally as well. Again, it shows that, as a department, we are going after our officers who are accused of having committed any irregularity, regardless of the extent and if there is evident that is sufficient for us to rid ourselves of them, then we do so. I can also tell you that currently we have Inspector David McKoy in custody in Belize City for another domestic issue. He should be charged by the end of the day and be taken to court. Again, the chips will fall where they may because we're not going to countenance any domestic issue on the part of our officers. We have spent extensive hours with them, training them and talking to them about the importance of not getting involved in domestic issues. So when they find themselves on that side of the law, then we will do what needs to be done."

Williams said that since the passing out of Police Squad number ninety-five, the department has lost more than two thirds of those officers to dismissals. Dismissals, he said, happen on a daily basis.

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