Dr. Jaime Awe continues to work in Belize - especially in his home district of Cayo. He organizes annual summer field digs for US universities and Belizean students. He told us about a recent distinctive discovery at Baking Pot:

Jaime Awe PhD - Professor, NAU
"Couple years ago we found this one vase at baking pot that is now called the KomKom vase, it is one of the 10 longest hieroglyphic inscriptions in the Mayan world but what makes it more unique than other inscriptions across the Mayan world is that most inscriptions talks about events that happened 100-200 years a part, this one is really like a newspaper, it's telling you whats happening within 2 days of each others, within weeks of each other, no other part of the Mundo Maya has ever produced a document of that nature."

Academic writing on the Komkom vase calls it "astounding and unique" and notes that "the length of the text marks it as truly one of a kind, its 202 glyph blocks may well be the longest glyphic text on any ceramic object discovered." End quote.

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