Belize's former Director of Archaeology, now associate professor at a US University - Dr Jaime Awe has won a major award in his field of study.

The Society for American Archaeology has selected him for the 2022 Award for Excellence in Latin American and Caribbean Archaeology.

We spoke to him via zoom today from his desk at Northern Arizona University. He said he was surprised to learn of the award since he didn't even know he had been nominated:

Jaime Awe PhD - Professor, NAU
"I'm excited as I'm humble for it because all that I've always done has been a labour of love and so with or without any kind of recognition that doesn't change what I want to continue doing, especially for Belize. This award specifically focuses on people who work all over Latin America and the Caribbean, so from Mexico down to Argentina and the Caribbean region, so they're looking how have have you contributed to excellence in research, in conservation, in community envolvement, in how has your work impacted the field of study. I think that the one way that it will help is that every year I try to apply for funding that I can use to continue the work that I have been doing in Belize for many years and I'm hoping that this recognition will contribute to allow us to continue acquiring grant money so that I can continue my work in out reach, especially I do a lot of it in the Cayo district. It totally energizes me to continue doing more. I have no intentions of retiring Jules."

Dr. Awe will be honored at the organization's award ceremony on April 1.

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