As the nation continues to open up, more and more sporting activities are occurring across the country. The Ministry of Health confirmed that it gave its approval for an upcoming river race and organizers have announced that everyone involved, including spectators, must be vaccinated. We asked Minister Bernard about the plans in place to mitigate the risk of an outbreak at mass sporting events.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness

"We have agreed that sports would have opened up. Sports have been opened up way before I became the Minister of Health, something I had lobbied as the Minister of Sports, where we allow fans at fifty percent capacity, but it is allowed for vaccinated persons only, especially in indoor facilities. That is another one of the recommendations we are looking at in terms of expanding that for sports and for other small events. We feel as you start to ease some of the restrictions there has to be some control as well. That control is that these things should be enjoyed by the people who are vaccinated. So, in the case of La Ruta Maya, they have submitted their plan. I think it is a well thought out plan. They have met with the Ministry of Health, through the Ministry of Sports as well. I personally met with one of the organizers and explained to them what we expect from the Ministry of Health's perspective in terms of how this race should be had. We feel that they have what it requires. One for the most important things there and I expressed it to them, is to ensure that the police are there, especially at the river bank, at the ending of these places. There are areas they have deduced will go virtual only. So, they are working with the Ministry of Health to ensure the right protocols are being followed and the guidelines sets out are being followed and will be adhered to."

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