All small and big Entrepreneur participated on the Federal Deputy discussion.

After the intervention of the federal deputy of Morena, Alma Anah� Gonz�lez Hern�ndez, who issued a warrant in the Congress of the Union, the Immigration authorities reactivated the issuance of daily Regional Visitor Cards (TVR) for Belizean tourists.

On February 7, the Belizean border was reopened so that the citizens of that country could re-enter Mexico, specifically the city of Chetumal, whose economy receives ample benefits from their visit.

Eloy Quintal Jim�nez, President of the CCE Chetumal and Juan Jaime Minguer, President of the Canaco Servytur Chetumal, denounced the lack of Regional Visitor Cards -TVR-, as well as the mistreatment received by Belizean visitors by Mexican customs authorities, migration and National Guard at the border of Subteniente L�pez for what they requested the intervention of the popular representatives.

The federal deputy for District 2, Alma Anah� Gonz�lez Hern�ndez, consequently issued an exhortation in the Congress of the Union requesting the Head of the National Institute of Migration to correct the lack of Regional Visitor Cards (TVR) on the border of Chetumal with Belize.

He expanded the request for the Head of the General Administration of Customs, to make an adjustment in the administrative actions of the personnel assigned to the Subteniente L�pez checkpoint, "given that it does not facilitate the return of Belizeans to their country, because in an incorrect way, they detain to visitors to review them and in case they have made legal purchases in Chetumal stores, they are forced to process export petitions, when the laws on the matter allow purchases of up to a thousand dollars of legal items for personal consumption."

International trade with Belize is of the utmost importance for Mexico, so its operation is essential to generate economies, economic, social, sports, cultural and technological development on the southern border. There are more than 41 years of friendly bilateral relations, of cooperation without serious border problems, "so it must be promoted for the good of both countries," the deputy said in her exhortation.

Therefore, it is necessary for the customs authorities to monitor the actions of the officials at the Subteniente L�pez checkpoint, since the treatment given to Belizeans will be reflected in a lower or higher number of daily crossings that, consequently, would be reflected in the economic impact on the Mexican side, mainly Chetumal.

The federal deputy supported, in her exhortation, the arguments of the businessmen from the southern part of the State, recalling that during the time that Belize kept its land borders and seaports closed, "the commercial, sports and social relations that we historically have were affected the inhabitants of the southern region of Quintana Roo with that Central American country, especially Chetumal."

The local economy of the southern border of our country, already hurt after two years of border closures, due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, is fighting for its own resilience, so it is vital to support the community Chetumalian.

If the registered trend of Belizean visitors is maintained after the reopening, during the month of February we could "have more than 10 thousand crossings for an economic impact of 7.7 million pesos for the benefit of the local economy."

Finally, the federal deputy, Anah� Gonz�lez highlighted the "importance that all the authorities involved in the border of sub-lieutenant L�pez, Customs, Immigration and National Guard, facilitate the Belizean brothers to enter Mexico and return to their country, in the framework of respect for our laws."

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