Tonight, Belizeans like the rest of the world are asking whether or not the Pandemic is slowly inching toward an end.

And the man who seems to be leading the charge Minister of Health Kevin Bernard is speaking plainly about what our collective future holds. In a press encounter today, he told us that at this point it's every man and woman for themselves where COVID is concerned.

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister Of Health
"We cannot live locked out and locked up for long for too long, we have been like this for two-plus years and I am one of the proponents that says that it is time that we start to release and ease some of these restrictions but let us do it responsibly and at the same time hold others responsible for their own actions.

Health Minister Not Sold On Value or Virtue of Curfew

And, Bernard argues that the last two COVID spikes came despite the curfew leading him to believe that keeping it won't make any difference at all.

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister Of Health
"We had the curfew and there was a peak and a spike in OMICRON, there was a spike in Delta, there were three waves so far, four waves. So I don't think that dropping the curfew will make and significant effects. It's about all, I will take that question and turn it around to the Belizean people and say it's about you, it's about me protecting ourselves, doing what is right, making sure we are wearing our masks. We are keeping our distance. We are not socializing in huge numbers and at the same time we are respecting the rules and regulations set out by the ministry of health and wellness. If we do that, we will continue to see a reduction in these numbers, so its not about the curfew. How many people will go out after the normal curfew hours? It's a few. Yes, Belizeans are known to socialize, they are known to want to stay out late at night, I don't. But at the end of the day if I do go out, I need to be responsible for myself, for my family and for my children and I expect the same from all our Belizeans."

Major changes in COVID Public Health Regs Coming Friday

But what will it take to rid us of that weekend Cinderella hour and the even stricter 11 p.m. curfew on weekdays?

Minister Bernard says he expects to propose major changes by Friday but that all depends on whether the Covid daily positivity rate can remain low.

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister Of Health
"Thankfully, we are at a stage where we are seeing our numbers taking it's deep dive down and I had mentioned a few weeks ago and I think even last week that we have been looking at, as the COvid medical response team, we have been looking at the whole scenario and we had said that since the borders opened if the numbers remain steady and low and continue to drop and the positivity rate, the daily positivity rate remains between that 10 to 15% then we ought to go to Cabinet and make the necessary recommendation to ease many of the restrictions that we currently have and one of those restrictions as you all know, I have said it is the issue of the curfew. This week I am taking that paper to Cabinet and I am prepared thereafter, at the end of this week to make my presentation to the media as to what we are going to do, what are the restrictions we are going to lift and those restrictions we are hoping will take effect on the 1st of March."

And the weekend positivity rate looks promising at 6.49%, the lowest it's been in months.

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