We are pleased to share with you an opportunity that will allow ease of entry to the tour operator sector. The Belize Tourism Board is cognizant that tour guides, tour guide associations, and micro, small and medium enterprises are desirous of formally becoming a tour operator. They have however faced entry barriers; in particular, for mandatory public liability insurance, a legal requirement.

Tour Operators are of strategic importance in the recovery process, as they play a vital role in driving supply and demand, and in motivating tourism economies to diversify and expand their product offering through new tour packages, and new tour experiences. In an effort to support you and ultimately the recovery and stabilization of the tourism industry, the BTB established an annual facility to assist first-time applying micro- and small- tour operators to cover, either partially or fully, the cost of the required tour operator public liability insurance for the first year of operations.

First-time tour operator applicants that meet either of the below requirements, and are able to submit all the other requisite documentation in their application would be eligible to receive a grant of up to $1000 to cover the expenses of the public liability insurance. To be eligible, entities would be required to meet the following criteria:

C1. lassify as either a Micro- or Small- Enterprise (Less than 20 employees, excluding the tour guides) OR
2. A Tour Guide wishing to transition to a Tour Operator OR
3. A Tour Guide Association wishing to transition into a Tour Operator.

This support will be a one-time financial assistance. To apply for this financial assistance please click HERE for procedures and application forms. The BTB remains committed to supporting our tour operators as we work together to continually develop our tourism industry.

Belize Tourism Board