Someone found and tried to break into my iPhone while I was staying on CC, and though I got it back, it's now disabled and I can't get into it to restore/erase it. Though I have my computer with me and a dongle (?) that connects my USB to my computer's USB-C port, that connection isn't strong enough to get the job done, and I think what I really need is a USB-C to Lightning Cable so I can connect my phone to my computer directly. There is a store in town that sells USB-C to Lightning Cables, but they're $60.

Is there anyone who has an admittedly hard-to-come-by (thanks, Apple!) USB-C to Lightning Cable that would let me borrow it -- wherever you are, I can bring my computer etc to you and use the cord in front of you... Whatever you're comfortable with! I have no interest in disappearing with it! I know this is a long shot but figured I'd ask since everyone here is so lovely. Thank you!