And while the commissioner downplays it - we know there are active teams in the southern Orange Walk District still looking for the drugs. And last night while they were in the Hillbank area - another drug plan flew right over them. This one seemed to want to land at Bladen, but police were there, so it diverted to Kanantik, and when the cops cut that off, it went to remote Graham Creek. The Commissioner told us that remote area is like a law enforcement blind spot:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police

"Around 1am this morning one of the planes hovered over the Bladen area for about 20 minutes. We had a team there. We believe they may have suspected that we had teams in that area and so they went to the Kanantic area and we had a team there as well. They circle there for about 10 minutes and perhaps they figured something was wrong again and they moved on and went down south and then we later found out that the plane may have landed in the Graham Creek area, near the Belize Guatemalan border. Thats an area which is heavily vegetative and it do poses significant challenges to the security forces to get to that location and so I believe that's why that area is chosen. I can say at this time we have not confirmed the landing, but we have all reasons to believe that the plane did land in that area. Teams are currently on their way to the location. It will take them about 6-9 hours to get there. That just goes to the show the challenges that we have to get there and as soon as they have confirmed the landing then we will share with the media. Again, just to be open and don't appear to be hiding anything from the media and the public, we believe with all certainty that the plane did land in the Graham Creek area last night and when these planes come, they don't have one landing spot, they have several proposed landing spots, so if one area failed, they move to another, if that failed, they go to another. So in most cases they have up to 3 landing spots and that is the case we believe with the one last night, the primary might have been Bladen, the secondary could have been Kanantic and then the tertiary is where it eventually landed in the Graham Creek area."

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