For almost two years, most sporting activities had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that were in place. Some disciplines resumed, but with limited capacity. With the new S.I. passed, Sports Minister Rodwell Ferguson says that contact sports are soon to resume.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth & Sports

"We are going to explode both youth and sports. When they give me a responsibility, I will not sit back and lay idle. I wah start to find opportunities and create that we can make happen within the department. As a matter of fact, hopefully on the seventh of May we are going to start amateur basketball across the country so that every youth has the opportunity to play basketball. After basketball is finished, we are also going to start volleyball. And I want to say that we collaborate with the F.F.B. and they are totally in control of football, but together we are going to work for the benefit for all youths across the country. Hopefully also we are going to start back primary school football, primary school softball, primary school volleyball, primary school everything to enhance at an early age."

Channel 5