The Coral Reef Alliance and the Mesoamerican Reef Cruise Destinations Network (MAR Network) of which the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations is a member, have prepared a "Train the Trainers" program for Coral Reef Awareness and Marine Recreation across the region" directed towards tourism professionals, protected area managers, and local authorities.

The main objective of this course is to educate tour guides and operators on the ecological and economic value of coral reefs and will also ensure that education for marine tour operators is consistent across the region. We strongly believe this training can support the consolidation of best practices for marine recreational providers adoption, as a tool to strengthen private sector participation in sustainable recovery at SAM destinations with the "ridge to reef" approach. Target Audience: Tour Operators - Marine Recreational Providers (Central Coast Belize, Belize Reef, Southeast Coast, Southern Belize).

Date: March 21st & 24th 2022

Time: 2:00PM to 5:00 hours (Belize Time)

Format: Online Zoom link will be emailed upon confirmation.

Training Outline: Training divided into two, 3 hours online sessions, breaks included and attendees' participation encouraged.

Outline Content

▪MODULE 1: Learn about coral reef geography, biology, ecology, and value.
▪MODULE 2: Understand the global and local threats facing coral reefs today.
▪MODULE 3: Discover why thereís hope and what actions can be taken to protect coral reefs.
▪MODULE 4: Find out how tourism professionals and tourists are in a unique position to help.

Kindly confirm your representative's participation to Darcy Correa by email to [email protected] Feel free to contact the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations for further information at 227-2801/2802.

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