UDP Albert Area Rep and aspirant for leader - Tracy Taegar Panton today lady her husband, Herbert Panton's remains to rest. This follows Wednesday's memorial service.

But, she's soldiering on in her bid to lead the UDP - and without any delay in the convention. Panton today told us, quote, "It is my intention - as I am certain Herbert would have wished - to get back on the saddle on Monday."

And, her Campaign Manager Roosevelt Blades has confirmed to the UDP party Chairman that Taegar - Panton will proceed with the Leadership Convention on the 27th March as was originally scheduled - no delay for grieving.

That puts it at 15 days to the convention - and campaigns for both sides, hers and Shyne Barrow are expected to be at a fever pitch. It is left to be seen if Taegar Panton will get a bump in support from the sympathy many may feel for her as the grieving widow of a well loved UDP personality.

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