There is one device that will make things easier for the student is the Aptus PI.

This device will allow students to access certain websites without needing an internet connection. The pilot project was launched on March 3rd and will be rolled out in 15 schools across the country. Yesterday, the Education CEO explained exactly how the Aptus PI works and what it means for the education sector.

Dian Maheia, CEO, Ministry of Education
"So ths Aptus Pi is a device is built like a classroom without walls, it's like a mini computer in a very small device What it does, it allows you to connect to the device. It allows internet access, basically without being online. So, with one Aptus device you can connect up to thirty devices within a certain range. So, you can load on to the Aptus device, different sites. So, this is really what we are anticipating as an effective solution for schools where internet access is a challenge, for places where connectivity can be a problem. So, you can have an Aptus device placed in a class room and then everyone will be able to connect to the device to access whatever has been loaded unto the device. Part of it is Aptus and part of it is Notesmaster. Notes Master is a platform which holds learning content, so curriculum; there is lessons on Notes Master in English, math and various curriculum subjects. Notes Master is international. So, when you log on to the Notesmaster site, you will be able to access lessons that have been created by Belizean instructors, but you will also be able to access lessons that have been created by instructors across the world. It promises to be an effective solution for classrooms that have that sort of challenge."

Most of the schools that will be using the Aptus PI during the pilot stages are evening divisions. They include the Corozal Community College, San Pedro High School, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Belmopan Adult Education Program, Julian Cho Technical High School and more.

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Official launch of the AptusPi initiative in Belize