Parents will be interested to know that all schools across the country will reopen for face to face learning five days a week after the summer break. The Minister of Education made the announcement today during his budget presentation. Here is what he had to say.

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education

"This budget continues to reflect our commitment to education as a national priority. It has been a very challenging year, but we are on the road to fully reopening all of our schools. It is very important Madam Speaker to get our students back into the classroom. It is not important for their academic development, but also their social and physiological development. So, I am very happy we have had a united front in moving forward to achieve this objective. It has been very challenging, but we are close to ninety percent of our schools opened for face to face learning. But the time the news school year open in august, all of our schools will be opened five days a week for face to face instruction."

Channel 5