The issue of Belize becoming a republic also surfaced in the House. The People's Constitutional Commission, a newly established body under the Constitutional and Political Reform Ministry, will be conducting consultations across the country on the continuing decolonization process. Today Minister Usher announced that a Good Governance Unit has been established and will operate as the Secretariat to the Commission.

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional & Political Reform

"A major part of the portfolio is reform. I am pleased to announce to the House and the Belizean people that a Good Governance Unit has been established in the Ministry. This unit will be the focal point for all governance issues, including UNCAC, which is currently in its second round for peer review. The G.G.U., the Good Governance Unit, will also be the Secretariat for the People's Constitutional Commission, which will have a comprehensive look at the laws of Belize, including the constitution as well as the way we are governed. Madam Speaker, the decolonization process is enveloping the Caribbean region. Perhaps it is time for Belize to take that next step in truly owning our independence. But, it is a matter that the people of Belize must decide on."

Channel 5