To all our fans and supporters, we are asking for your help! Our rescue vehicle's tires are on their very last days. Everyday we wake up and they have gone flat, the wear and tear of the salty island life has finally brought them to their breaking point. They've given us 1600 hours of dedication, making our organization function by allowing us to be on call 24-7, but we worry we will soon find that they can no longer hold even a days worth of air at the rate they are degrading.
We are looking at help raising $3000 bzd to cover the cost of new tires, rims, and a full maintenance of the vehicle so we can be in full working condition for the busy baby season and rainy reason ahead of us. Help us reach this goal by making a donation the following ways:

Atlantic Bank Direct Transfers:
Aces Wildlife Rescue

US-tax deductible:

Contact us at 623-7920 to schedule a donation drop-off or pick-up.