San Pedro Water Supply Fully restored

Belize Water Services Limited is pleased to advise customers in San Pedro that all repairs to the Water Treatment Plant have been completed and the water supply has been fully restored with normal water pressure.

BWS extends our appreciation to consumers in San Pedro for their patience and understanding exhibited during this unusual period of reduced supply. The company also takes this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to all staff who worked together to make sure water was restored.

However, as we enter both the Easter peak and the dry season, BWS kindly requests residents and businesses on the island, especially the hotels, to continue to conserve water. A little conservation by each will be of great assistance to all.

BWS has been continuously providing a reliable, high-quality supply of potable water to San Pedro for over forty years and is proud to have played a vital role in the growth and development of the island as a major tourist destination. BWS informs customers and the public that we continue to invest to ensure that the supply is capable of meeting the ever-growing demand on the island.


The issues of low water pressure and shortages plaguing San Pedranos for the past weeks have reportedly ended after Belize Water Services (BWS) stated on Monday, March 28th, that supplies have been fully restored. BWS had been scheduling interruptions and low water pressure because of a mechanical malfunction in their plant on the island. The problem was resolved with the faulty plant gear repaired, and since then, the service has been returned to normal.

BWS explained that the water crisis on the island started when one of the three drive trains vital to the island water plant became non-operational due to a damaged gearbox in February. According to the company, they expedited the damaged part to the United States for repairs. The repaired gearbox was successfully repaired and brought back to the island. After installing it, BWS advised that it would take a couple of days for the water supply system to be fully restored.

BWS had indicated that they were going to solve the issue before the Easter holidays, and according to most island residents, they have delivered. However, it is yet to be seen how well they will provide during the Easter holiday, which is considered one of the busiest times on the island. Historically, the island experiences low to no water pressure during this peak tourism season, causing inconvenience to visitors and residents alike.

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