The PM spoke about a recent meeting with the joint unions about the rising cost of living. Earlier in the news, we told you that the Ministry of Agriculture is looking into price gouging. But apart from that, there's also the steady increases in fuel prices. PM Briceno explained a method of price stabilization that the government is currently looking at.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"Fuel is going to be a long discussion, but basically what we have been talking when we met with them is that they were.... many people in the industry want to have certainty, they want to be able to cap fuel at a price and keep it at that price so that if the price goes up, we are looking at setting up a fund from where we can get how to be able to pay the taxes and then when the prices go down, we keep it at that price until we can pay off the funds. So we hope that by next week Tuesday. I mean we had a long discussion in cabinet and now we have once again asked my ministry, agriculture, transportation and tourism to sit down and to try to come up with a right formula as to how we are going to be addressing that."

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