In the health sector, tomorrow all non-border crossing related regulations are coming to an end. That means no more masks, no more social distancing, and clubs and bars will be open for business.

And that also means that students and teachers don't have to wear masks in schools.

But even so, the Minister of Health is advising schools to continue observing the safety protocols.

This morning on Sunup on 7, Minister Kevin Bernard added that they are anticipating the full reopening of schools:

Kevin Bernard - Minister of Health
"Since Cabinet made the decision, one of the things we're suggesting to the Ministry of Education, because these are young children between the ages of 5 and 11 for the most part and they have not been vaccinated, we want to encourage that population to continue to wear their masks indoors because you are within the setting. We want to encourage that, well, we want to also state that we're encouraging the return to full face-to-face sessions, whether the Ministry of Education will choose to do this after the Easter break or in the new school year, it will be something that they are discussing, along with the Ministry of Health. I know that they still had some schools that had prepared to make sure that all is in order and I know that the Ministry of Education is looking at that but I think, I must also commend them because I think they have put in place a very good plan for the return of schools and for face-to-face. From all indications that I have, I think they are more moving towards the new school year so that they go to a full face-to-face and so for those who are continuing the hybrid, I believe that will continue for the remainder of the school year so when they go back to sessions in September or whenever the primary school starts, then that will be a full fledged face-to-face."