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In response to the growing number of tourist-related accidents when driving rented golf carts, the San Pedro Belize Tourism Information Industry (SPBTIA) has partnered with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) in a campaign to inform drivers of the traffic laws on the island.

Several months ago, SPBTIA met with San Pedro Mayor Gualberto' Wally' Nu�ez to discuss their idea of requiring all golf cart rental companies to display a sticker where the driver could easily read what traffic laws they must abide by. The Mayor fully supported the idea and not only agreed to pay for printing the stickers but would work with the Ministry of Transport to establish a mandate where all rental carts would be required to display the stickers prominently. SPBTIA designed the 6″ x 4″ vinyl sticker and, with the Mayors' approval, printed 2,000 stickers. According to the Mayor, SPTC is now asking rental cart businesses to mount the stickers on the lower lefthand side of the windshield facing the driver and informing them that the stickers will soon be required as part of licensing rental carts. Mayor Nu�ez indicated that the Traffic Department would soon make the sticker placement mandatory and encouraged cart rental businesses to get the free stickers available at the Traffic Department.

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