Late Tuesday evening, police charged a B.D.F. Soldier with the murder of a civilian from Orange Walk.� News Five's Marion Ali was at the court today. She also spoke with the victim's devastated family.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Twenty-seven-year-old Raheem Williams, a B.D.F. soldier, was escorted before Orange Walk Magistrate, Merlene Moody, to be read a charge of murder of Orange Walk resident, thirty-eight-year-old Estevan Baeza. Because of the nature of the crime, no plea was taken and Williams was remanded into custody until June twenty-first, when he is to return to court.

Williams is accused of Baeza's brutal Friday night beat-down on the median on the Belize-Corozal Road that runs through Orange Walk Town. Estevan's family told News Five today he wanted fried chicken so he went looking for the meal at Friendship Restaurant.

An eyewitness told us that it was in front of the restaurant that the two became embroiled in a fight over a cigarette lighter. The fight ended up in the middle of the road, where Baeza hit his head on the ground.

The video that later went viral shows Baeza, apparently unconscious on the ground. Williams is seen punching and then stomping him in the face and head.� In the final few seconds of the incident, Williams nonchalantly walks off.

Baeza's mom, Vicenta Baeza, told us today that he left home saying he was going to buy food around nine-thirty that night. But when an hour had passed and he didn’t return home, she grew worried. She told us through translation that she felt something bad had happened to her son even before the police went to inform her.

Vicenta Baeza, Mother of deceased

"I was worrying about my son and I told my daughters that something happened to my son because he hasn’t reached back yet and its totally weird because normally he doesn’t take long when he goh buy food. And then minutes to ten, I received news that – the police came here and said that -my son is in critical condition because dehn just beat up he right here by the park."

Estevan's condition was critical from the onset, his sister Selena told us, because doctors informed them that he had suffered a fractured skull and his throat was severely bashed in and he had to be brought to the KHMH in Belize City.

Voice of: Selena Baeza, sister of deceased

"Two hours later (when) the surgery done, the doctor said told my mom that her son needed to be taken to Belize because he needs ventilator his thorax (eosophagus) , he couldn't breathe from there. And from that he mi need two C-T scans, facial and cerebral. The doctor told us that he only have thirty percent of life because he was critically, critically beaten and he told us that maybe he won't make it."

Estevan didn't make it. He passed away on Monday morning, just as his family had raised the funds to pay for one of the tests.

Voice of: Selena Baeza

"Monday morning like six o'clock I was getting prepared because we get some donations - I was getting prepared to go to Belize City to make his facial C-T scan and as soon as I was taking the bus the doctor called me (saying) that brother (at) six-zero-two he passed away."

Now the grief-stricken Baeza family, who also depended on Estevan as the main breadwinner, is left relying on the justice system.

Voice of: Selena Baeza

"The way he took my brother's life isn't a joke, isn't funny. It's so heartbreaking because he took my brother's life. I know nothing can bring my brother back but the only thing my mom is pleading (for) is justice for my brother because he doesn't deserve to die like that."

The family has the tough task now to explain to Estevan's seven-year-old daughter why he is never coming back home.

Voice of: Selena Baeza

"It really hurts because what this daughter will say, they killed my father and I think this is not fair."

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