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When you are shopping in Belize - in San Pedro, to be more exact - there are plenty of pretty things for you to bring back for friends and family - great souvenirs�but there are also great things to buy for yourself. To spark joy as you remember the amazing time you had in Belize. And how you want to go back.

Shopping for souvenirs on any vacation can be a drag. I, for one, do NOT enjoy wasting quality beach-, snorkel-, and nap- time sifting through�junk. And often, gift shops can be just that�shot glasses, fridge magnets, junky jewelry, tacky t-shirts made in China. And what seemed funny when you riding on your vacation-rum-punch-high, is more just�embarrassing or useless when you get home.

I hope that this guide keeps it generally stress-free. Spots that are easy to visit AND offer pretty things. Because shopping isn't always fun and I want to set you up for success!

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