Today, while with Belize's Ambassador to Mexico Oscar Arnold, we asked about the official visit by Andr�s Manuel L�pez Obrador to Belize sometime next month. It's a regional tour with a stop in Belize before he heads to Cuba. Ambassador Arnold couldn't disclose much, but says that logistical details are well underway for the presidential visit.

Oscar Arnold, Belizean Ambassador to Mexico

"The legwork, the planning for all of the logistics for that is still ongoing. We are so happy that President Obrador chose Belize as one of the countries to visit. He is not known for many international visits. This is his first tour; he will be touring other Central American countries and when he leaves Belize, he also goes on to Cuba. We are happy that we will play host to him. I believe that there will be a bilateral that will be set up between him and Prime Minister John Brice�o. The Mexicans have always been very supportive of us, of our independence and have always been a great part in restarting our economy. We do enjoy friendly relations with them. We've been able to advance the relationship that we've had since I've been here in Mexico and so we look forward to that visit and we look forward to him having a great time in Belize come May."

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