Last night we took you to Caye Caulker for a look at the hotels and the attractions that the island on the rebound has to offer. And tonight we're taking you back. But this time it's all about food, parties, and best of what you can expect from the easter weekend on Belize's most tranquil and easily accessible island:

This is what the approach to Caye Caulker will look like for all the incoming revellers on Saturday morning. And no matter how many times you've visited the island's turquoise waters, the familiar feeling of purely good vibes beckons just the same.
But once the crowd hits the island, it'll be all about getting their grub on, and yesterday's conversation with the chairperson outlined the non-negotiable on the island menu.

Seleny Villanueva Pott - Chairperson, Caye Caulker
"For sure you want to go to a restaurant and have a fried fish, that's a must, then you want to do fried jacks, that's a must we are known for our fried jacks."

Cherisse Halsall
"And what about that fried fish? "

Seleny Villanueva Pott
"Well one place to find it is the centrally located Barefoot Caribe restaurant their sales manager told us that they fry it up fresh and oh so tasty."

Victor Carillo - General Sales, Barefoot Caribe Restaurant
"Tourists and local tourists all follow our fried fish which is fresh seafood actually we specialize in seafood but our fry fish is a very special food that we cater for all tourists and all Belizeans that come to the island during this Easter fest, that's right and actually, we do other seafood we have seafood combos, we have conch, we have and everything is very fresh, actually, we buy a limited amount of food every day so that we can serve very fresh seafood every single day."

And after lunch on Easter weekend many will choose to get their afternoon drinks at Sit and Dip. Here's what Bartender "Matrix", says you can expect this weekend.

Joshua "Matrix" - Bartender
"We have DJ Silva DJ Pain Killer, a lot of activities for the kids, activities for the adults as well beer drinking contest, hot wings competition, we have some Easter egg hunting in the water for the kids as well because we have to cater to everyone not just the adults. A lot of food, a lot of drinks, music, partying but we are still under Covid, we still have to make sure everything goes according to plan because you know. We don't want you to come and enjoy yourselves today and then a three four five days later you know yeah. So, we have to make sure we practice the nice little social distancing at the same time and have fun."

Cherisse Halsall
"You expect things to get wild up in here?"

Joshua "Matrix"
"Yes, because everybody is waiting, the past weeks it's been a bit slow because we understand everybody wants to save and everybody is geared up so that when Easter comes everybody will have fun and at the end of the day we deserve it you know we've been under lock down for so long so everybody come out and have fun mein. but respectfully."

And after a round or two it's just a short stroll down the beach to pick up a sausage wrap from Chef Kareem. He says that anything on the grill is his specialty and the clientele, mainly drop-in customers.

Chef Kareem - Bar-B-Q specialist
"Well, just regular people passing by on the beach and the locals and the tourists that come on the beach every day, we do bar-b-q chicken, jerk chicken, pork chops, pork ribs, whole snapper, lobster when it's in season you know and any meat you choose we are filled with coconut rice and beans green salad and coleslaw."

Cherisse Halsall
"What are you expecting for the Easter based on past Easters before COVID?"

Chef Kareem
"Well, I'm expecting us to be real busy out here and just like everyone has been waiting to get back to normal so I guess it's gonna be real busy. Yeah it feels good to be back working and seeing more and more people coming out so it's a good thing. Good Friday is my day off so I like to do the, eat the bun with the fried fish and stuff so and after that, I'll be working hard, as usual, every day."

But the food and the fun don't stop when the sun goes down. Saturday night will be all about Lazy Lizard and Koko King's full moon parties where the revellers will dance the night away under the paschal moon.

And after hours if you're still in the party mood, Reggae Bar is the spot for you. It's the only bar on the island with that late-night liquor license. Guaranteeing you a party that won't stop until the sun comes up over Caye Caulker island waves.

Our 7News team will be on the island this weekend working while partying to bring you back the best of the sights and sounds that the easter weekend has to offer.

And remember if you're jumping on a water taxi to Caye Caulker, a recent Port Authority press release has listed your round trip fare at a controlled price of $35.00 plus a two dollar port fee.

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