by Hector Silva


HOLY WEEK actually began on Palm Sunday, when Blessed Palms were distributed in all Roman Catholic Churches, including in my humble village Church, now Santa Familia.

Then for us, HOLY WEEK began to roll. My Dear Mother began to issue the rules of the family. " Let us accompany Jesus in his Passion for only one week and we take the other FIFTY ONE for our Passion.

Don't be boisterous and scandalous during this week. Show respect to the Days assigned by the Church.

HOLY THURSDAY was that day, when we were called upon to meditate on that Day, when our Lord Jesus was being hunted, humiliated, blasphemed, denied by his own because of fear to cruel Men.

HOLY THURSDAY was a night for Vigil. Men and women stood all night praying and remembering that this was the EVE when Jesus would be Crucified and die on a Cross for our Salvation..

The following Day was GOOD FRIDAY. - Our parents asked us to do acts of Penance like PUT MUSIC ASIDE.- Don't eat red meat. Do not stone fruit trees. Do not bathe in the River.

Then at 2.00 O'Clock in the evening, we would all go walking, to join in the large GOOD FRIDAY procession in near bye Santa Elena. There all the residents of the Twin Towns and surrounding Villages would PROCESS the FOURTEEN STATIONS of the Cross, when Jesus carried a Heavy Cross to CALVARY, where he was CRUCIFIED and DIED on the Cross

After the Procession, every one would go silently to their respective homes.

Then on HOLY SATURDAY, there was a calm when San Ignacio was the CENTER of all Easter Celebrations. -

There were games, dancing, music, food and drinks. OF SPECIAL interest was the Grand Horse Races all Day.

THEN on Easter Sunday was the most important event. " JESUS RESURRECTED AND AROSE FROM THE DEAD. " This last event is the most important EVENT in our Christian Faith.

( Had Jesus not resurrected, there would not be any Christian DOCTRINE.

NOW ON THE SIDE LINE there were so many superstitions. TaTa Duhende, the Mermaid in the River, the Devil loose, the signs on Passion Flower, the Physic Nut, " THE REMOLINOS DEL DIABLO. " ( These were mini Whirl Winds which blew up DUST or LEAVES. )

But all these actions strengthened our Christian Faith and made us respectful each other and act CIVIL.

I wish you all a Blessed GOOD FRIDAY and DAY OF RESURRECTION.