In addition to the Tranquility Bay clean-up, we have small groups of people bagging up litter downtown and in South Ambergris Caye.

If you would like to arrange a trash pick-up in a different spot, please submit a form via the Town Council website at https://sanpedrotowncouncil.org/sanitation-department AND indicate that it's an Earth Day cleanup. Please email me w/your name, contact info., and pickup address, along with the date & time it will be ready at CarolTaylorRecruits(at)gmail and I will share this information with Town Councilwoman Ms. Johnnia Duarte, who is spearheading the clean-up.

Last but not least, Bowen & Bowen will buy back and recycle your plastic & glass bottles (during regular hours of operation) for 5-15 cents each, including Belikin Beer, Amstel Bright, Coca Cola, Crystal Waters (all sizes except 1 gallon - which they will take back & recycle), Fanta, Full Throttle, Fuze, Guinness, Heineken, Ideal, Juce, Landshark beer & hard seltzer (seltzer duro), Powerade, Schweppes, Red Stripe, Sprite. If you have any broken 5 gallon Crystal Waters bottles, they will not give you cash BUT accept it for recycling. Take your returnables to Bowen & Bowen Warehouse (across from Island City Supermarket on Coconut Drive) on Saturdays from 8 AM - 2 PM. They will count your returns and give you a slip of paper to bring to their office (by Blake Street Gas) to pick up your cash there. Hopefully, it will be enough to buy yourself a couple of medicinal cocktails after all your hard work.

Thank you for helping up keep La Isla Bonita muy bonita!

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