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The last time San Pedro Town welcomed a public health inspector was in 2017, when Christina Sanchez-Martinez, hailing from the southern Stann Creek District, officially took the post. Fast-forward to 2022, and San Pedro has a new senior health officer. He is Belize City native Zane Bradley, who is proud to be serving on the island. Bradley shared that the experience with island residents has been smooth, and he looks forward to working with the community.

Bradley is not that new to the island. In the past, he has been on duty in San Pedro, temporarily filling the gap whenever a senior health inspector was on leave. The new island public health inspector has been in the public health service for 15 years and began his new position on the island just a few weeks ago. According to Bradley, everyone has been cooperating and abiding by the health requirements so far. "Everyone is doing what they need to do; we work together," said Bradley. He pointed out that people and stakeholders cooperate by following all his recommendations when dealing with complaints.

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