While bread is one basic food item that is on the increase - below that you have even more basic staples: namely rice, beans and corn.

Those are also facing possible increases because, again, of the rising prices of inputs like fertilizer whose cost has soared.

Mai says the prospect of increasing prices of these staples worries him:

Hon. Jose Mai - Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise
"Let me tell you what is my concern, my worry when I look at inflation. The first thing that comes to mind is rice, beans and corn because we eat rice everyday. Beans is the cheapest source of protein for Belizeans, the meat is chicken. So when corn goes up, when rice goes up, when beans goes up, there's reason for concern. Now I'm certain the rice producers have already indicated to me that they want to speak about this with me. Now, again, we don't want to tell well you will sell at this price, that's not the way it goes. Show me your cost of production, we'll analyze it and in the event make very careful decision on this, it cannot appear to be that they want to take advantage of the consumer, no. I am a farmer, I know what it cost to grow certain things but I have to also put myself in the consumers shoes and to be fair to both sides, it's a tough place to be in but we have to make the decisions."

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