After moving a massive number of destinations down to its "high" risk category for travel during the COVID pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention �(CDC) has decided to pull Belize off the Level 3 list down to Level 2 as case numbers continue to fall. With more than 50 percent of the population vaccinated- including tourism frontline workers -travelers can bask in wide-open spaces , alongside enhanced health and safety protocols. Specifically, the US State Department puts countries into one of four categories, based on a risk assessment:

  • Level 1 is "exercise normal precautions"
  • Level 2 is "exercise increased caution"
  • Level 3 is "reconsider travel"
  • Level 4 is "do not travel"

The Level 2 "moderate" risk category also saw the nations of Antigua and Barbuda , Mexico, and Iran slide into the list from Level 3. Taiwan was also moved to Level 2 from Level 1 "low" risk as its COVID situation worsened.

Current COVID-19 Numbers in Belize

COVID-19 infections are decreasing in Belize. Belize is reporting� 6 �new infections on average each day, 1% of the peak - the highest daily average reported on January 22.

Get the latest data from the WHO here .