The Department of Civil Aviation launched its five year strategic direction this morning at its headquarters in Ladyville. According to Minister Andre Perez, it is a first-of-its-kind strategic plan for the department. One of the important aspects of the plan is building capacity among human resources. Minister Perez told us more.

Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation

"Whenever you talk about civil aviation there always has to be a plan. It is not for me to be saying what was not put there but what is the future instead. The strategic plan was basically a plan whereby we can set targets, goals, within the next five years. What is it we want to achieve? It like in the direction of taking of flight, what speed are you going? What altitude and all of these things, checking the weather, and air speed. All of these things from point 'A' to point 'B' are something you have to plan. Similarly what we are talking about in civil aviation, you have to do the same time. We have to have a plan. Today marks a special day in launching that strategic plan. Today, implementation of course has started from before, but officially today the implementation has begun. The most important thing is human resources. I believe our staff that we have met right here, the way that they leading with this new government and leadership, myself as the minister of Civil Aviation and Blue Economy, is to inspire the people working around us. As a leader we must surround ourselves with good people. I believe we have a good set of staff and associates working along with us."

Channel 5

Today, the Ministry of Civil Aviation officially launched its new strategic five-year plan for the Belize Department of Civil Aviation. The opening ceremony for the project was held this morning at the department's headquarters at the international airport.