The new Maya Train will greatly increase travel options for Cancun locals and visitors, as well as those throughout the entire Yucatan peninsula, and now those options may even include Belize. It was recently reported that the Belize government has shown interest in the idea of an extension of the train route, which would connect Cancun and other parts of the Yucat�n Peninsula to the Central American country. According to Martha Zamarripa, Mexico's Ambassador to Belize, Mexican President Andr�s Manuel L�pez Obrador has not ruled out the extension either.

The train project currently in the works is expected to be completed by December of next year but complications could delay that completion date. The project has not been without criticism by environmentalist groups and others and is in fact being held up by a suspension right now. The suspension of the work being done in Section 5 was ordered by a judge recently until further environmental research can be conducted.

If the two countries, Belize and Mexico, can come up with a plan to connect through the Maya Train it will offer even more options for more people in both countries. Not only does this help local citizens traveling within the two countries but visitors as well. It could bring tourism in the region to a whole new level and would greatly benefit Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and many other tourist destinations in the region.

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