And with the numbers on a slow but steady rise, the question tonight is whether the mask mandate was removed too soon.

Reports at the time of that decision were that the ministry's medical advisors opposed the move. Conventional medical wisdom was that the masks should still be worn indoors and in situations where social distancing was difficult.

This morning when we put the question to Dr Diaz and Dr Beer they told us that they wear their masks all day every day.

Cherisse Halsall:
"I know Dr Cuellar has said publicly that he was not in favor of getting rid of the mask mandate as early as the ministry did. I'm curious as to your position Dr. Beer and also the position that Dr Diaz would have held."

Dr. Natalia Beer, Maternal and Childcare Specialist, MOH
"Well, I can speak persoally, I wear masks everywhere, all day and I know that it has been lifted but we are still wearing masks. Yes, the numbers justify the removal of the face mask but I mean you have to protect yourself and we have enough information, every person has enough information right now to know that if you are going to an environment where there are a lot of people, and you can't maintain physical distance, put on you mask, I mean it's become a habit now, so."

Dr. Melissa Musa, Director of Public Health and Wellness
"In regard to masks I think that many. of us especially in the health sector continue wearing our masks, we know the risks, we know how covid spreads and we know how we can mitigate some of the spread and like Dr. Beer said especially if - the safest thing is to put your mask on. We definatley understand that if your out exercising, your playing sports, and your outdoors, and there is good social distancing it might not at that point be neccesary but we still very strongly urge the public to keep utilizing the maske properly over the nose and mouth especially in those spaces and in very populated spaces as well."

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