Gig news is coming out of the Belize Brewing Company: they've started exporting to the Caribbean. These exports include a variety of beverages which the company also produces and bottles for multiple companies across the region. And with long term agreements in place, they provide a valuable source of hard currency earnings for Belize.

The beverages for "export only" include Endura Malt and 24k Premium Lager, Stout, and Light Brews, while Land Shark and Smirnoff Ice are produced for both the local and export markets.

A release from Bowen and Bowen notes that the export agreements are with Caribbean companies and multinational corporations.

The release adds, quote, "Through these strategic relationships, Belize Brewing Company is expanding local production capabilities and creating efficiencies, focusing on the long-term growth of Belize's export market." End quote.

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Belize Brewing Company begins to Export to the Region
The Belize Brewing Company, which is part of the Bowen and Bowen group of companies, has signed an agreement to produce, bottle and export several beverages for other companies in the region. The agreement will aid Bowen and Bowen in expanding its reach within the region and boost its local production capabilities. The company’s Corporate Sales Manager, Rosanna Villanueva spoke to our newsroom about the agreement and how it will benefit the country as a whole.