He's been all over the news this week - and even appeared on the UNCUT hot seat last night. But, Commissioner Chester Williams and his senior command personnel are also on a countrywide tour of formations doing inspections. That brought him to Belize City today where 140 officers lined up in the Holy Redeemer yard to be inspected by their maximum commander. We were there and asked the Commissioner how they looked:

Jules Vasquez
"Were you satisfied with what you say out today?"

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"Certainly for the most part the officers were well put together, there a few of them who will not pass inspection because they are lacking certain accoutrements. In questioning them, some of them are saying that they have applied but they have not received as yet, so those information was taken down by the commander and we'll check in Belmopan to see what the hold up is. We want to keep officers in line at the same time we want to keep them motivated. You know that a well motivated officer is going to give you much more than one who is not motivated and for them to be able to have the commissioner listen to their concerns, answering their questions and doing what needs to be done to address their welfare issue is of paramount importance for us. So, it is an opportunity for us to also hear from the officers in terms of what their concerns are both welfare and otherwise and see what can be done from my office to be able to alleviate those concerns they may have. As the commissioner I can tell you I do as best as I can to be a humble man, I do not think because I am the commissioner of police I cannot go down to the level of a constable and talk with them. My officers can call me at anytime, I answer them, they can go to my office at any time even without an appoint I'll see them and they can meet on the street, stop me and talk to me and I'll listen to them. It did not start off how I would want it and we're trying to do as best as we can now to get our ducks in a row to be able to contain the crime problems, so it is only fitting that as the commissioner of police I come out and meet with the officers and explain to them where we are and where we want to go."

The stop was followed by a two hour question and answer session in the Parish Hall.

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