A psychiatric patient is under police guard tonight, that's after she allegedly called in a bomb threat at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital this morning just after 8:00.

It's the country's biggest hospital and carrying out an evacuation under a bomb threat is very complex.

Our team was on the hospital grounds in the aftermath of the threat and saw first-hand the emergency mode that hospital staff was forced to resort to in the face of would-be-imminent danger. We spoke to the hospital bosses:

Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, KHMH
"The reality of it is that it teaches us, it reinforces the message that we have to be ready for anything and everything, certainly, it is inconceivable that someone could. have done something like this and so while we don't want to get ahead of ourselves we've been told that the call has been linked to a particular person who may have psychiatric conditions, now I am going out on a. limb by mentioning that and certainly, we can't say that this is a hoax up to this point. So, hopefully, it will turn out to be that but I think that we have to give. our congratulations and thanks to the staff so far they responded. quite well and as you can see the patients are out here under the hot sun, yes, but they are out here out of harm's way."

"The person identified was hospitalized until a few minutes ago here at the KHMH so if it turns out to be that person, well."

"I can't say for sure that it has been identified however that is the inital information given to us by the police and they are themselves conducting their investigation and trying to locate this person."

"Our hospital is an institution that goes at it 24-7 so certainly, all those procedures and businesses conducted here have been interrupted but given that we've put safety above all other considerations it is inevitable that all of that has to be interuppted until we are given the all-clear."

"I have no way of being able to ascertain that you all are aware of the fact that throughout the length and breath of this country there have been multiple threats over time and we can never know when one of those threats can turn into reality so we just have to do what is required of us."

Chandra Cansino, C.E.O.
"We've been communicating with the patients actually we have been personally communicating with them and informing them, at this time there eis no reason to panic, they are here for this time for their safety, we are seeking more shad over at the lions building and we really appreciate thier collaboration with us for that and we are ensuring that the patients, thier safety is our number one priority for us and at this time there is no need to panic, all the staff is with all patients and so we have enough coverage to ensure that the patients are well taken care of even though some of them are out there."

"Once something like this is called in then we activate our evacuation procedures it's more immediate than for something like an impending storm because it's, we have to act immediately and so as Dr. Sosa mentioned we had paitients in the operating theatre so we had to adress that sort of scenario, we had patients on ventilator so we had to relocate those patients. It's very challenging but I do commend the staff on everything has been done without a glitch so far."

The suspect was picked up by police this afternoon - but because police fond her in "no condition to be detained", suggesting an acute mental episode - they took her right back to the only place to treat such cases - the KHMH - which is where she is hospitalized tonight.

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