The Costa Maya Festival usually takes place in August of each year, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for that crowd-calling event had to be put on hold. But with all COVID restrictions lifted, there was seemingly an expectation that the event would be revived this year. For whatever reason the festival won't be held, San Pedro Mayor Gualberto Nunez clarified that it is none of his doing.

Gualberto Nunez, Mayor, San Pedro Town Council

"There has been some allegations about the Costa Maya that the Council doesn't want to do the Costa Maya this year and that is false allegations. Marion, since the day we got into office we have been doing different events to boost the local economy. So we don't have any intentions of doing anything negative to impact our community. We're trying to do more, actually. It was never the Council that spearheaded the Costa Maya Festival. It was a private committee, which I have utmost respect for them. They had it for many years - I think it was over thirty years that they planned the Costa Maya and it was members of both parties. Nobody from the Costa Maya Committee or the previous committee has ever reached out to us that they want to continue with the festival. There hasn't been any sort of communication from their part. So I don't know why there is this allegation that we don't want to do the Costa Maya Festival."

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