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Led by Donkeeboy and Donkeemom

The last time Houston, Texas-based artists Alex Roman Jr. (donkeeboy) and his mother Sylvia Roman (donkeemom) visited San Pedro Town was in November 2021, when they gifted La Isla Bonita with two colorful and unique murals. Both paintings beautify the exterior wall of a warehouse building on Seagrape Drive. Sylvia depicted the late Selena (Queen of Tejano Music), and Alex gave life to his masterpiece, the late American rapper and actor Tupac (2Pac) in Picasso-style. Months later, they returned to San Pedro and brought two additional artists. Together, they have added four more beautiful murals to the island, highlighting Belizean culture, creativity, pride and promoting hope, peace, and love.

Two of these new murals feature Belize's cultural ambassador, the late Andy Palacio, and the national bird of Belize, the Keel Billed Toucan, showcased on Barrier Reef Drive next to Holiday Hotel. The third mural features reggae legend Bob Marley on the fa´┐Żade of Hope Haven Children's Home and Community Center on Lion Street. The last one is an interactive piece on Pescador Drive, across from the police station, on one of the walls in front of The Phoenix Hotel. This time Alex and his mother, Sylvia, teamed up with some of the best artists from their area. Elizabeth Umanzor, and Franky Cardona. Umanzor, it's a visual artist with over eight years of experience. Her works include murals, chalk art, and live painting for events. Cardona is another veteran in the art from Houston who specializes in portraits, graffiti/street, and murals. According to his bio, he has been recognized by the Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League.

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Beautiful Public Art Going Up Around San Pedro Now: Go See It!

I love the addition to the colorful paintings around town - many of them painted business signs.

Check them out around town today as they finish up some beautiful murals.

Franky Cardona (his work is incredible) at Hope Haven House - across the street from Maya Island Air

It's amazing to watch him achieve this level of detail with spray paint.

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