We asked Hon. Michael Peyrefitte about the strategy session for the International Court of Justice he recently attended in England.

The entire Belize team - Including political stakeholders, diplomats, international attorneys and the agent and co-agent - converged there to go through the case that has been prepared in advance of government's presentation of its counter memorial at the ICJ next month.

Peyrefitte said he could not go into details - because those are the strict terms mandated by the court - but he did say that he feels as confident as ever after getting the legal briefing:

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Senator
"The evidence provided and the arguments that we would make in our memorial, I believe are on solid grounds and every confidence that we would be successful. So, when we do that, then we expect a counter memorial from Guatemala, they would respond to our counter-memorial and then we get 6 months to respond our counter to their counter memorial. So, we are still about a year or two away from the hearings, but the memorial that we will submit I think is extremely solid and puts the case to Guatemala that they simply have no claim."

"I think I can say this much, it's been said publicly - there was a demarcation of the land borders of Belize, but there was never really a demarcation for the maritime areas of Belize officially by treaty or whatever means, so that has to be determine by international law and with that determination and the way we are, I think we have been assured that this is the best possible case at any country can have to keep all their territory intact."

We also asked Peyrefitte about the controversial co-agent, ambassador Alexis Rosado. He's been charged for rape in Belize and relinquished his diplomatic posts, but continues to represent as the cogent at the ICJ. That raised some eyebrows but Peyrefitte said his input was essential.

Jules Vasquez
"Would you say that Ambassador Rosado is integral to the process or that he is not an expendable part of the process?"

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Senator
"I would just say that as far as his knowledge, his expertise and his approach to the Belize Guatemala issue - his knowledge and efforts and contributions are invaluable. We depend on him so much, he was the ambassador to Guatemala for so many years, so whenever we would have gaps in the way Guatemalans are thinking or gaps in any places of knowledge, we would always be there to fill it in. So on that end, I can say for sure that his contributions have been totally invaluable."

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