Cabinet has agreed to pursue a loan motion from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration $24 million US dollars to finance the upgrading and rehabilitation of 16 miles of the Philip Goldson Highway, from mile 8 1/2 to 24 1/2. A release says, "The rehabilitation of this 16-mile section of the Philip Goldson Highway is expected to reduce transportation costs and accident rates, increase access to services, increase employment opportunities and improve climate resilience."

But then we noticed that right after the PUP was elected it had payed Rodla Construction 1.13 million to resurface two miles of that same stretch of road. So will that now be paved over? And that investment of public funds counted as a loss?

That's what we asked the Minister of Infrastructure Julius Espat vita text and he said, quote, "Of course that was contemplated and the design addresses that." end quote. He says that two miles of hot mix surface will be retained.

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