At the end of this month, one hundred and twenty thousand doses of Pfizer vaccine expires. This is because residents have not been coming out to get their jabs - be that the initial dose, their second jab or even the booster. It is a great loss, in the millions of dollars, because it cost the Government of Belize to acquire the vaccine, which serves as a layer of protection against the deadly COVID-19 virus. But today, Doctor Natalia Largaespada Beer told the media that despite the loss, G.O.B. is procuring a new batch of vaccines to continue with its vaccination of the adult population.

Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer, Maternal & Child Health Technical Advisor, M.O.H.W.

"The government of Belize has secured more than a hundred percent of the vaccines required to vaccinate the eligible population for COVID-19 vaccine in Belize. That is applaudable and now we are seeking to procure more vaccines. As you all know, we will have a terrible loss at the end of May this year, but we are already seeking how to get more vaccines and we are hoping that in a month's time, we should have restocked Pfizer vaccine to continue with the revaccination or completing schemes or booster doses."

Channel 5