Tonight, most of Belize is recovering from a national power outage that enveloped the country at 4:00 pm.

BEL announced that the massive outage was due to a fault at CFE power in Mexico.

At this hour, we can tell you that most communities are back up - with others still coming up. Power was first restored around 5:00 to portions of the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts using local sources. An earlier posting said that power supply is expected to be completely restored to the entire country by 7:00 tonight.

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Power supply restored at 7:14PM to the entire country of Belize following an unplanned power outage caused by a fault at CFE (Mexico). We thank you all for your patience during this time. We would also like to thank our committed team working in front and behind the scenes to restore power supply and keep our customers and the public updated as best as possible during this time.