A group of local swim instructors were not able to make an annual trip to Belize to share their knowledge of how to stay safe in the water with the children of an improvised town there. As part of an effort that started in 2014 when Alex Tyler, owner of Goldfish Swim schools in St. Charles and Glen Ellyn visited Gales Point, Belize, instructors this year had planned to build a mission camp.

That camp would've provided basic accommodations for volunteers during future visits. But supply chain issues stopped that short, since the team was not able to secure building supplies.

Tyler still wanted to do something for the folks in Gales Point, so he spearheaded a "CandyGram campaign" with more than 40 Goldfish Swim Schools across the country. He encouraged Goldfish members to send CandyGram messages to their favorite instructor or friends from swim class.

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