Please be informed I am currently Conducting the Full & Complete Training for Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid, If You are a new Tour Guide it's outmost Important that you get the best Training to ensure If an Emergency Happens be it aTrauma or Medical you can Help save a life, also for Renewing Tour Guides it's also very Important to get Training in the right way and ensure your Instructors are following all the Standards, Procedure & Protocols as indicated in the Instructor Manuals.

We are also offering our Training Services to Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars & the General Public.

Great Thank you goes to the Mata Chica Resort for the opportunity given to us to Train & Cerify their Staff in the Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid Course.

Great Thank you also goes out to Alaia Resort - We have also provided Trainjng for their Staff as Well.

You can come by our Training Center located across Reef Village and next to the Farmhouse to get more information and see our Training equipment, Materials & Supplies used in our Trainings, you can also feel free to reach us out at my personal Cell number - 615 2998

Abner Bacab

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