Tonight, Jasmine Hartin is pleading for help to the highest office in her native Canada, asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to somehow intervene and ensure that she gets a fair trial and that she has some recourse to regain visitation with her twins. It's a long shot but one that the 33-year-old mother of two feels she has no choice but to take.

As every man, woman, and perhaps child in Belize knows by now, Hartin is accused of the shooting death of police officer Henry Jemmott. And since that fateful night last May on the pier of the Mata Rocks Hotel, her life has taken a drastic downward turn. That's because while Hartin's case languishes in the Belizean court system, her ex-partner Andrew Ashcroft has successfully won custody of her children and she is denied even basic visitation rights.

Hartin had decided to appeal that ruling but this week brought confirmation that those efforts could all be for naught. As we told you last night Aschroft and Hartin's 5 year old twins Charlie and Elle have left Belize bound for his former and new home, Turks and Caicos.

That move, tonight, proving devastating for Hartin who earlier today turned to the Toronto Sun to express fears for her safety and to make, what is for her, a desperate plea for help - this video is from the Sun:

Hartin is still awaiting an indictment that was expected to come yesterday during the opening session of June's supreme court proceedings.

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