St Vincent Has Petrocaribe's Debt Forgiven, Could The Same Happen For Belize?

While the US is moving behind the scenes to establish practical relations with Venezuela, our fellow CARICOM Country St Vincent and the Grenadines has long been one of its staunchest allies. And for that reason, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves did not attend the Summit of the Americas.

And, for good reason, the Venezuelans have written off 100% of his country's Petrocaribe debt, as well as the revival of the Petrocaribe program with a discos of 35%.

Courtenay says this helps Belize:

Hon. Eamon Courtenay, Minister of Foreign Affairs
"I think that has helped us, because the American realize the importance of Venezuela to the region, the importance of the region to the United States the 15 votes in the OAS have and we have an issue with energy and there is a country we are seeking to do business with that seems to be moving closer and closer to be able to do it. The United States realizes that listen we need to sit down and have a discussion about this, if not China will, if not Russia will."

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